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Normandy and Brittany

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Sep 28 2021

This is our first small-group journey to northern France! We are calling it a “healing trip”, for obvious reasons stemming from the devastation of Covid-19. France Beyond Paris reaches outside the traditional tourist destinations to focus on the uncrowded charms of Normandy and Brittany. Dramatic coastlines, quiet villages and architectural charms form the highlights of this week-long journey. There will be many fresh air experiences: e-biking, walking in small villages, private visits to several memorable sights. Of course, we can arrange independent outings to the ever-popular Giverny, the Normandy beaches and museums, and the Bayeux tapestry if you’ve never been. But our time together will focus on the comfortably spacious and soothing parts of Normandy and Brittany. Come take a further look!

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