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Sep 17 2018

Amazing Amalfi 2018 – September 17-24

Discover the Coast and Beyond


“See Naples and die,” goes the old saying about the place, alluding to the beauty of the city’s incomparable setting in the shadow of mountain and the blue waters of its enormous bay. Naples, Italy’s 3rd-largest city, is arguably its most colorful and certainly its most chaotic. Underneath Vesuvius the streets of Naples teem with activity, where Italians eat, work, play, and gossip. Here the amazing architectural monuments are the backdrop to street markets, small shops, and lively neighborhoods…a microcosm of Il Mezzogiorno, the land of the midday sun.

The region of Campania is also home to the pleasure island Capri, the historic ruins at Pompeii, and the stunning Costiera Amalfitana, south of Naples. Over a century ago, local writer Renato Fucini promised that when the amalfitani go the heaven on Judgment Day, it will be a day like any other. Those who drive along the Amalfi coast still find it heavenly. The road from Sorrento to Salerno winds through quaint white villages built on steep angles, with one side of the village unfolding down to the cerulean water and the other rising up the mountainside. Inside each village, there are more delights for the senses: hand-painted tiles, lemons the size of grapefruits, leisurely lunches of grilled fish from the morning market, and a sea-sky so intensely blue it inspired Steinback to call Amalfi “a dream place.” And those beaming smiles of the locals seem to reflect the omnipresent sunshine.

Guests on Adagio’s Amazing Amalfi journey will sample pizza at its source as well as the local wines that accompany so perfectly the local fare. From our fabulous base in Sorrento, guests will explore the unforgettable mountainside towns of the Amalfi Coast and the excavations of Pompeii. We’ll view the famous coastline not only from the comfort of our little bus, but also from our privately-chartered boat. We’ll also have plenty of time to enjoy Capri’s many delights at our own pace; Capritown at night, when all but the locals have left, is a rarified experience!

The Amazing Amalfi trips sell out months in advance. Deposits for this trip (30%) are due no later than November 20, 2017