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Travel stories + tips from seasoned explorers

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Venturing South of Lisbon: Alentejo

December 29, 2023

In late September of this year, a friend and I flew to Lisbon and rented a car. We traveled south to a place neither of us had visited; in fact, we’d barely heard of it. For those who know Adagio well, the fact that I fell for the Alentejo region…

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Returning to Airspace: My First International Travel Experience Post-Covid

July 2, 2021

I’ve returned home from my first international travel experience post-Covid, and I’m here to tell the tale to help you get ready for your next adventure! June 3, 2021 The Newark airport was nice and functioning at about half capacity from what I remember. I was able to easily find…

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Attention to feminine detail

March 31, 2021

I am very proud to say that I live, work and am specialized in this small and still unknown part of Italy, Le Marche, which has so much to reveal.

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Deruta Road Trip (aka, Italian Ceramics Anyone?)

March 23, 2021

Enjoy this guest blog from Liz Brewster, our go-to guide in Rome. I admit it. I am a ceramics fanatic. I love using beautiful, colorful, hand-painted cups, bowls and dishes for meals — pretty much every day, not just for special occasions. Beautiful objects lift my spirits. Fortunately, I live…

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Hail Anita, the Italian General’s Wife

March 21, 2021

In honor of International Women’s History Month, enjoy this short and sweet guest blog from Emanuela Moroni. Learn more about her in our March 1, 2020 Instagram post! Emanuela will talk about one of Italy’s “sheroes”, celebrated last week during the country’s National Unification Day. My name is Emanuela, but…

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Before taking off in 2021 – here are the top 5 to-do’s

February 16, 2021

By John Gobbels, Medjet Chief Operating Officer So you are talking about planning a trip this year ~ let’s be real we have all been dreaming of traveling since last March! There is a lot to consider when preparing for your trip now that we are living in a world…

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