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Experiencing the Culture of Tuscany

June 16, 2014

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If you’re considering traveling to Tuscany, the following places are fantastic locations to experience the unique culture.

Romanesque Parish Church

We don’t like to overdo “church visits” when we’re on vacation, but the Gropina church with its strange Etruscan iconography is worth your time!


Considered to be one of the original 12 Etruscan towns, Arezzo was featured in Benigni’s unforgettable film, Life is Beautiful. It was also birthplace to the scholar and poet, Petrarch. If you go on the Tuscany East to West trip, we’ll discover the stunning Piero della Francesca frescoes at the Church of San Francesco, as well as the museum home of Giorgio Vasari (artist, architect, and most famously, one of the first art critics in Italy). Arezzo has over 80 antique shops, a very interesting local artisan boutique – and great prices!


Lucca, located in western Tuscany, is famous for its “walls that you can walk on” and fabulous olive oil. This is a city that (thankfully!) is not overrun with foreigners and is a favorite of many Italy aficionados. Like Arezzo, Lucca has a rich history: founded by the Etruscans, later a Roman colony, then conquered by Napoleon.

Wineries to Visit

Sette Ponti, La Spinetta, and Caiarossa are among the wineries you want to visit in Tuscany. Caiarossa is owned by a Dutch entrepreneur who has adopted organic methods to produce superior Super Tuscan reds, and has recently started making wonderful whites as well. These are boutique wineries that you would likely not be able to visit other than on a small group tour, like Tuscany East to West.

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