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Spanish Spirit During a Crisis and Other Inspirations

March 26, 2020

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We received the following from colleagues at Madrid&Beyond in Spain and want to share with everyone as part of a campaign to seek light during this period of endarkenment.

Nina says: “We have been sharing the positive stories from Spain across our social media channels for the last few days, here are some links that you can share:

  • Singing Spanish policemen serenading residents in Mallorca
  • Spring in full swing with 2 million cherry trees in blossom in Extremadura
  • Hotels in Madrid offering their properties to the health service (news story here )
  • You will have seen everyone applauding from the balconies in Spain. The soundtrack to our lives at the moment, and the song that is often played at the same time as daily 8pm applause, is ‘Resistiré’ by the Duo Dinamico. There’s a video with English subtitles here
  • Soccer club Real Madrid offers its stadium for storage of medical equipment and supplies – more info here
  • And soccer player Sergio Ramos has donated masks and testing kits

Finally, here are some virtual activities for your abundance of home time:

23 Ways to Travel Virtually — from our heroes at Covington Travel. What would we do without their flight expertise during these crazy times? They actually have my May 2020 Croatia flights “queued for cancellation” so that the moment if/when Delta cancels, I’m lined up for a refund!

Free live sessions with Slow Food USA – daily at 2pm EST – link sent this morning by a client and friend in San Diego. Thank you!!  Do you all know that this movement started in northwestern Italy? The Piedmont region to be exact. Great things come out of Italy!!