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Sustainable Travel Tips for 2019

August 16, 2019

“Sustainable” might be a new adjective in your vocabulary. It really just means being responsible with our resources. You’ve heard of plastic straw bans and swapping plastic for reusable totes. But how sustainable is the world of travel and tourism? Trash to Travel A recent AFP report spotlighted a bus…

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The Nitty Gritty of Trip Departure: Get your Cards in Order

April 21, 2016

IT’S DEPARTURE TIME….and I get many questions this time of year regarding how to handle credit and debit cards (in case of loss or theft), as well as which cards are most widely accepted in Italy; what about ATM machines; how much cash should I take; etc. Below are some…

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TSA Pre vs Global Entry – What’s Best?

February 28, 2016

Endless, winding lines and waiting, waiting, waiting to go through TSA and immigration checks at airports – who among us hasn’t sworn that this is absolutely the biggest downside to travel, especially international travel? Due to the growing numbers of passengers in transit and increased safety concerns, nearly all countries…

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Packing Tips for International Travel

July 23, 2015

Why not grab the fridge, too? After years and years, the last-minute struggle of sitting on my suitcase and jamming that extra toothbrush in has become second nature to me. We all strive to pack “light and right”, but in the end very few have the ability to do it….

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