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Why Adagio

Our name says it all. In Italian, adagio means “slowly, with care, gently,” and this is exactly how our tours are paced. Our passion is to enable you to slow down in beautiful, uncommon places. To inspire you to see the forest and the trees. To encourage wandering. To take care of your details. To have you return home refreshed, understanding the world in a different way. We’ve picked destinations off the beaten path, because they merit this approach. So do you.

Adagio Travel was conceived for independent travelers who are curious about the corners of Italy and its nearby neighbors that are rarely if ever reached by big tour buses. Our groups are small, usually 8 to 10 people, and give you a unique opportunity to meet like-minded persons. We have created both active tours and tours for those whose interests lie elsewhere. All of our journeys will encourage you to slow down, to savor the flavors, scents and sites that are found only here.

Ready to take a trip to southern Europe?