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Experiential Tourism: A Booming 2019 Travel Trend

December 25, 2018

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Experiential tourism is a growing trend that is set to explode in the coming years. Adagio Travel is perfectly positioned to offer our clients many ways to actually LIVE their dreams while in Italy.

Italy is a top destination for experiential travel – and specifically “slow tourism” – in 2019

Italy’s government plays a big role (through investments) in how trends play out there over time. 2017 was the year of villages, and 2018 was the year of Italian food. The government has dubbed 2019 the year of “slow tourism”.

Most of us have heard of “Slow Food” and appreciate everything that represents in the culinary industry. “Slow tourism” is a relatively new concept with many components. One of its aims is to promote travel to lesser known areas and regions in Italy, particularly smaller villages and towns. This has the added advantage of taking some pressure off over-burdened cities such as Venice that find difficulty coping with the large numbers of visitors. This approach should reduce damage caused by too many tourists in certain areas, while spreading the wealth to lesser-known destinations. In this way travelers come to appreciate the unique flair of each region. What is key about slow tourism is that it is essentially experience-based. Ask us about indoor experiences, experiences within local towns and villages, but also outdoor experiential tours which will include everything from hiking, to horseback riding, and more. Those who know Adagio well also know that this dovetails perfectly with our travel philosophy.

A specific example: Enjoy the city without the crowds: Milano Città dei Baci

Many of you are annoyed with the summer crowds in Italy. Visiting Italian cities during winter can be such a different, invigorating experience. We offer experiential tours of various different towns and cities all over Italy, but one that stands out, and could only have been created by Italians is: “Milano Città dei Baci“: Milan, city of kisses. This tour is aimed at – but not exclusively – newlyweds, couples, anyone in love! Our expert guide, who is a landscape architect and a photographer, will bring you on a tour of Milan’s most romantic scenes. What we really like about this one, is the “lover’s eternal selfie”. Well, it’s not a selfie really. Our guide will take a photograph of newlyweds, lovers, whatever. .. in front of The Kiss by Hayez, as you pose and imitate the passionate kiss Hayez depicted. It’s kind of like taking a selfie with a mirror behind you – except you’re guided by a pro photographer, and you are standing in front of a masterpiece rather than a mirror. The guide will also take snaps of you elsewhere around Milan, in less “steamy” situations. Okay, you do not have to be a couple to enjoy this experiential tour which is perfect for winter . . . but isn’t it wonderful to be in love?

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