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February 12, 2017

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We’re wrapping up our series on Afar Magazine’s “Where to Go in 2017”. This week, the special is Rome. No surprise here — Rome has been a cultural destination for millenia. Afar’s spotlight is on Hotel Eden – a stunning 128-year-old hotel made of marble and gold. After being remodeled, this property is opening on April 1 with a spectacular top-floor restaurant, La Terrazza dell’Eden, where you and seven lucky dining companions can dine privately while overlooking the panorama of the eternal city. This historic hotel offers rooms from $700, and it books quickly. We are happy to find you a comfortable and classy place to sleep in the capital city for half that; contact Adagio.

Travel and Leisure and Afar have pinned this city as a must-see. Not only is it one of the world’s most visited cities, Rome boasts some of the oldest remains and most remarkable architecture in the world. The metropolis is home to 12 of Italy’s 45 UNESCO heritage sites including the Pantheon, the Coliseum, the Spanish steps, St. Peter’s Square and Navona Square. Michelangelo and Da Vinci, as well as scores of other lesser-known but still wildly talented artists, are well-represented in Rome. With such a rich, culturally diverse and historical atmosphere, you’ll never run out of things to see.

Unlike residents of some other cities in Europe, Romans are supremely friendly and helpful. There is always someone to talk to – Italians are known for being hospitable and the capital city is no exception. I love that Rome is walkable – neighborhood by intimate neighborhood you can discover the layers of flavor and feeling that stretch back for millennia. It’s also quite green, with the Villa Borghese Park being the crème de la crème and a perfect spot to enjoy a picnic or a nice run. There are also a plethora of secondary sites where you’ll encounter few bodies even in high season. Just ask us!

Food here is also extraordinary. An American favorite, spaghetti carbonara, was invented here. Roman pizza is an attraction in itself, and you can learn why from the “Michelangelo of Pizza”, Gabriele Bonci in the course of a 2-day class. By the way, Gabriele is opening his first location in Chicago this summer! Oh and artichokes in the spring … at either of two Flavio al Velavevodetto locations, you can sample some of the most perfect fried artichokes in Rome while exploring the interesting Testaccio or Prati neighborhoods. If you’re truly a foodie, here’s one list of the best 38 eats in Rome. I love that she’s chosen spots all over the city. While you’re at it, try “the other” meat: during the 20th century, one of the most famous neighborhoods housed the largest slaughterhouse in Europe. Now, over a century later, the quinto quarto cuisine, especially offal (read more about offal here) is still one of the most popular foods in Rome.

So add on Rome to your bucket list, or return for a deeper immersion. Adagio can introduce you to many sites that you surely didn’t visit on your first time there: a multimedia show inside a patrician Roman villa (now buried under a civic building!); nighttime sound and light shows that bring the Forum to life; a private after-hours Sistine Chapel experience; hard-hat-clad strolls through Nero’s Golden Palace as it continues to be restored.

As Afar says, “travel deeper!”

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