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Venice Countryside

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May 9 2019

The Adriatic Sea, vine-covered hills, smoky prosciutto, warm fires in early May, impressive castles and villas, engaging local guides.

Northeastern Italy has been in my heart since the time I lived there 20 years ago. In 2019, I’m offering an opportunity to seasoned travelers to discover some of the reasons why. This week will not be about over-the-top hotels and Michelin-starred meals, but rather, a chance to discover some of Italy’s few remaining pristine areas.

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Our custom journeys enable you to travel with groups of friends or family to unique destinations without any of the logistical hassles.

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The Italian province of Trento was annexed by Italy in 1919, and maintains many aspects of its former Austrian character. Trento is geographically stunning: it is almost entirely mountainous with many gorgeous valleys that we will explore during our six-day stay.

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Our holiday begins with several delightful and relaxing days just over Italy’s eastern border in Slovenia, one of the newer members of the European Union. Slovenia offers gently rolling hills and lush valleys, tucked between Austria to the north, Croatia to the south and Italy to the west.

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