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Culture + Cuisine

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Tuscany and Cinque Terre: two of the most recognized names in Italy. You’ll never forget your time during this week, which highlights the best of both. Lots of time in the open air, walking, and discovering the soft yet dramatic beauty of these regions.  Your 4-star villa hotel in Tuscany sits in a small town convenient to Florence, the Chianti wine region, and the towered hill town of San Gimignano. The second part of the week focuses on the famous Cinque Terre, five quaint fishing villages cascading down the hills of Italy’s Mediterranean Coast, along with other famous destinations like Portofino, loved by jet setters for generations.

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Sep 12 2022


This is our first small-group journey to northern France! We are calling it a “healing trip”, for obvious reasons stemming from the devastation of Covid-19. France Beyond Paris reaches outside the traditional tourist destinations to focus on the uncrowded charms of Normandy and Brittany. Dramatic coastlines, quiet villages and architectural charms form the highlights of this week-long journey. There will be many fresh air experiences: optional e-biking, walking in small villages, the Normandy beaches, and private visits to several memorable sights. Of course, the WW2 museums and Bayeux tapestry are on the schedule. Our time together will focus on the comfortably spacious and soothing parts of Normandy and Brittany. Come take a further look!

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May 14 2022


We offer an insider view of the island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast like no other. In 2022, we again offer this luxurious holiday experience. Guests on Adagio’s Amalfi journey will sample pizza at its source as well as the local wines that accompany so perfectly the local fare. From our fabulous base in Sorrento, guests will explore the unforgettable mountainside towns of the Amalfi Coast and the excavations of Pompeii. We’ll view the famous coastline not only from the comfort of our little bus, but also from our privately-chartered boat. We’ll also have plenty of time to enjoy Capri’s many delights at our own pace; Capritown at night, when all but the locals have left, is a rarified experience! Read on….

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Indulge in the casual and relaxed pace of Southern France. These azure skies give meaning to the term “French Blue”, and the gnarly olive trees, heady lavender, perky sunflowers, and sublime local wine and food are unsurpassed.  Our week introduces you to the countryside of Provence as well as the impressive Mediterranean coastline. Explore the land of Van Gogh, Chagall and Cezanne. Immerse in the most famous French markets, filled with local produce and goods as well as the works of French artisans.  All this and more await your exploration!

Check “Special Features” for our de rigueur Parisian Pre-tour!


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May 15 2022

An increasingly coveted destination among discerning travelers, Croatia waits for you with millenia of rich historical heritage, splendid architecture, vibrant cultural life and authentic local cuisine. Join us for a luxurious 11-day foray along its renowned Adriatic Coastline, basing in four splendidly diverse locations: Dubrovnik, the island of Hvar, Imperial Split, and the lush Istrian peninsula. With 5-star accommodations in three locations,  and a 4-star heritage hotel in Split, this truly is the BEST introduction to Croatia!

Don’t miss on opportunity to experience this meandering journey along the Adriatic…

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Come to Portugal: Safe and Seductive! From the historic beauty of Lisbon and Porto, to the pretty towns of Estoril and Cascais, and Porto’s lush wine estates – Portugal is the current darling of savvy travelers to Europe. This ten-day trip combines history and natural beauty with great food and wine to create lasting memories. Portugal was the first country in Europe to develop the post-Covid Clean&Safe seal. All of our suppliers along the way proudly maintain this certification.

Freshly baked bread, olives, cheese, red wine or crisp vinho verde (young wine), chargrilled fish, cataplana (seafood stew), smoked meats – the Portuguese have perfected the art of cooking simple, delicious meals. Dining means experiencing the richness of Portugal’s bountiful coastline and fertile countryside. All washed down with some very drinkable wine!


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Oct 17 2022

Savoring Puglia – October 2022 – Barefoot Luxury

With a Visit to Matera: "City of Stones" and 2019 European Culture Capitol

Clearly, everything the Italophile craves is here in abundance: ancient towns with the tangible past right in your face; ornate churches dreamt up by Europe’s finest architects; the footprints of an endless procession of conquerors and cultures, stamped in stone, gold and marble; seas of olives; olive-green seas; and fish and veggies the envy of most other regions of Italy. Tired of hearing about Tuscany? Come take in the baroque splendor of Lecce, ‘Florence of the South’, and the many lesser (but no less remarkable) Pugliese towns. But it’s perhaps outside of its cities that Puglia shines brightest. For it’s in the countryside – the source of its food, wealth and culture — where you’ll find the region’s soul.

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Jun 14 2022

Summer in the South: Puglia – June 2022

With Optional Visit to Matera: "City of Stones" and 2019 European Culture Capitol

This trip defines the easy-going southern Italian lifestyle. You’ll be spending the whole week in a comfortable 4-star hotel by the crystalline Adriatic sea, restful and life-affirming after that long trip across the Atlantic. Each day will unfold new secrets of Italy’s heel, visibly rich in Arabic, Byzantine, Spanish and Norman traces. You’ll explore with your local guide several Pugliese towns, including Polignano a Mare, the magical town shown above. Optional visits include Matera, the 2019 European Cultural Capital, as well as Otranto and Gallipoli in the Salento and the unique Castellana Caves.

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Jun 2 2022

Boasting an impressive 1246 islands, islets, ridges and rocks, the Croatian Adriatic is one of the last remaining oases of astounding natural beauty and pristine turquoise waters.

Join us for a luxurious 11-day foray along its renowned Adriatic Coastline, basing in four splendidly diverse locations: Dubrovnik, the island of Hvar, Imperial Split, and the lush Istrian peninsula. With 5-star accommodations in three locations,  and a 4-star heritage hotel in Split, this truly is the BEST introduction to Croatia!

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Oct 18 2021

The allure of Sicily lies in its contrasts. Palermo, cradle of the Mediterranean and “a city of extremes, a mixture of panache and poverty.” Along our west to east route we visit Agrigento’s magical Greek temples; top wineries; meals that are tantalizing cultural mosaics. Majestic Mt. Etna and its surrounding cities, once the center of Magna Graecia, mark the end of our 9-day adventure.

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