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Sustainable Travel Tips for 2019

August 16, 2019

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“Sustainable” might be a new adjective in your vocabulary. It really just means being responsible with our resources. You’ve heard of plastic straw bans and swapping plastic for reusable totes. But how sustainable is the world of travel and tourism?

Trash to Travel

A recent AFP report spotlighted a bus station in Indonesia that has introduced a new solution to reducing pollution and carbon emissions: Trade your trash for free public transit.

For just ten clean plastic cups, a passenger can score a free one-hour bus ride. Now almost 16,000 people are participating in the program every week. The goal? A thriving marriage of travel and sustainable living.

EU Says “Waste Not”

The European Union has now set requirements that countries must recycle more than half of their municipal waste by 2020. With over 700 million tourists visiting Europe each year, international travel comes with hefty environmental responsibility.

While tourism has long been criticized for its negative environmental impact, what are some ways to practice sustainability on your next journey?

5 Tips for Sustainable Travel

1. Pack thoughtfully. Fill up reusable containers instead of buying single-use travel-sized items. Consider bringing a refillable water bottle and a cloth tote for shopping.

2. Respect the local economy. Adagio Travel employs local tour guides and small businesses on every trip. Take the time to learn where souvenirs were made, and try to buy only locally-crafted items or consumables.

3. Stay in certified sustainable hotels. Many of Adagio Travel’s luxury accommodations are certified by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

4. Take the scenic route. Count your steps and enjoy breath-taking views by opting for more sustainable transportation. A popular journey option for Adagio Travelers is the Active Adventure, where travelers can hike and bike their way through beautiful scenery while cutting down on car travel.

5. Do as the Romans. You can trust Adagio’s expert itineraries to have you living, eating, drinking, shopping, and playing like a local, which puts less stress on Europe’s beautifully preserved cities.

Helpful Resources:

We recommend reputable sites like National Geographic and TreeHugger for more in-depth information regarding sustainability and travel.


Let Us Know…

How important is sustainable travel to you? What other sustainability practices would you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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